Social Programme


On the evening of Tuesday, Nov. 19, we will meet for an informal welcome gathering at ORO restaurant in downtown Saarbrücken:
ORO –, St. Johanner Markt 7-9 (central market place near Theatre and Motel One).
Registration is not necessary.
The local organising committee will be there from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, looking forward to meeting you before the official opening of the conference!
The welcome gathering is not included in the conference fee.


The conference dinner will take place at the restaurant “Platform 11 ¾” in Völklingen, a small city about 13 km from Saarbrücken.
It is located right at the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Völklinger Hütte” (Völklingen Ironworks) which is a former Ironwork founded in 1873. In a historic railway building from 1893/1894, the restaurant offers four dining areas, a lounge as well as an “open kitchen”.

Restaurant Platform Elfdreiviertel




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